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Madam Cuvee, Princess Margaux & Sir Hunter ...
The Westies of Richmont Inn

imageJim has had Westies for many years and when he met Susan, she had just lost a little Benji pound dog and had decided to purchase an Australian Terrier for conformation showing. Jim tried to persuade her to become a Westie owner (West Highland White Terrier), to no avail. After they had opened the Inn and Susan's Australian Terrier had passed, Jim, once again, uttered strong, encouraging words about Westies and told Susan that he had always wanted four or five Westies running around. At that time, Jim had Lady Richmont and she really needed a play-mate. Lady Richmont was very prim and proper so after much consideration Susan called Lady Richmont's breeder to find out if there were any puppies in the oven. The breeder had a nine week old male Westie pup that had been promised and delivered to a young ambitious couple, but shortly after they had committed to having a pup, his company had transferred him and they were going to be moving into housing wherein they could not have a pet.

image Westies Video Thus, Susan's first Westie, who came to be known as "Hunter." Hunter loved going to conformation classes; riding in the car, getting treats and all the fun stuff, like seeing the other dogs in the class. He just didn't like being groomed, Judges examining him on the table (or the floor, for that matter), nor did Hunter care at all for anyone wishing to examine his mouth. Grrrr.rrrr…rrr he would growl during the whole class. Susan decided he was defending her, so she sent him off to one of the top Westie handlers in the Country, thinking he would work better with someone he was not protecting. Five weeks later, Susan was consulting the handler to follow-up with his progress, "I think you better come and get him" thus, Jim declares, "he flunked out of Military School." Then, came Susan's second Westie for conformation, Elsinore Grand Cuvee (Ku-veh), with the most beautiful temperament you could ever have. Now, seven champions and ten years later, Susan often asks Jim, how many Westies did you say you wanted to have running around you? Many of them no longer run around Jim and Susan, but have found their way into loving homes with wonderful owners, many with conformation, rally and obedience titles, however, all with that same loving temperament that Cuvee brought to the Richmont lineage. Click to hear Grand Cuvee tell her story.


Due to allergies of our guests, we do not accept our four-legged friends at this time. None of our Westies are allowed in guest rooms and are shown only in supervised areas. They are always happy to meet new people - so request an introduction and sign their own personal guest book.

If you wish to travel with your pet, we have a wonderful kennel down the street to board your furry friend, where you can include them for your day hike or scenic drive! Please call us for more information.